Since a couple of years Ottino has enriched its collection with an indispensable accessory: the scarf. This choice was made to offer its costumers an unique, refined and high quality product.

To achieve this the company has started a collaboration with a Florentine artist with the artistic name of “Monica scarf” .

Monica’s creation can be described as water colours on silk or wool.

Each scarf is, exclusive and unique, painted and finished entirely by hand.

She has the gift to decorate her textiles with the colours and emotions she receives from nature. These sensations are transformed directly into her work with floral or even abstract designs.

The colours are suggested by Ottino, so that they can match and blend with their collection.

Occasionally scarves can be created for clients that have a special request.

To add something new to Ottino’s spring summer collection, the brand  added a limited selection of clothes and face mask, fresh and washable; all created in silk with Monica scarf’s special designs. This addition blends perfectly with the items you can find in our shop.


To see more artwork by Monica

To help you take better care of your bag we have added the following instructions :

  • CALF AND DEER SKIN: to clean and protect this leather use a white cloth with neutral cream.
  • LAMB SKIN: for grease marks use only talcum powder, apply it on the spot and leave it for a few hours. Then gently remove it with a soft cloth. Never use greasy products to clean lamb skin.

VACCHETTA: you can use a white cloth or leather brush to clean superficial dirt. Then to nourish the leather apply a small amount of neutral cream on the whole bag with a soft cloth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


When you not use the bag, we suggest to place it in its flannel bag with inside some paper to keep the shape.

              “OTTINO and the talent Made in Italy”:

      Cecilia Tosques

                                                          Born in Florence  in 1985, the mother is Italian and the father a New Yorker.                   Since she was small she was fashinated by pop culture and art, to which she was exposed through the music of her father’s vinyl collection, her mother’s books and grand mother’s paintings. This increased her imagination and curiosity, her ability to observe and create inner and outer worlds.

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