OTTINO and the talent Made in Italy: Giovanni Savi

Since many years Ottino collaborates with young artists: designers, photographers and illustrators.

Today we want to start the series “Ottino and the talent Made in Italy” with an enthusiastic will to introduce the extraordinary talents that we meet daily in our work.

With passion, seriousness and dedication these creators have expressed themselves with their art so as to tell us all about Ottino’s world. It is great pleasure that we have now decided to tell you their stories and talents.

We want to introduce, with this post, Giovanni Savi born in 1986 in Florence. Photographer and video maker based in Florence and Milan. He has studied at DAMS in Bologna. Today a professional freelance. He works for personal projects and collaborates in fashion and publishing in the following magazines: Io Donna (Italy), Wallpaper* (UK), South as a State of Mind (Grece), On Diseño (Spain).

We carried out with him the video: Wandering through the city

Directied by: Giovanni Savi
Screenplay by: Alessandro Bartoletti
Music by: Giovanni Mancini
Model: Vittoria Tani

Ottino thanks for the collaboration:
Hotel Palazzo Guadagni for the beautiful location in Piazza Santo Spirito
Boutique Nadine Firenze for the awesome styling