Three good reasons to visit Palazzo Davanzati

Next to our shop, in via Porta Rossa, you can find a very special museum that you should visit if you happen to be in Florence.

Why? Here there are three good reasons.

1-This building witnesses the passage between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The palace, was built by the Davizzi family, rich merchants, around mid 14th century. Was bought in 1578 by Bernardo Davanzati also a rich merchant and patron, from which it takes the name. This medieval building has the characteristics of that period: tower shaped, four floors, a courtyard. It anticipates the new architectural styles of the Renaissance. A well organized construction with a well built inside the thick walls, supplied water on every floor, so that each bedroom had a bathroom with running water. These details make of Palazzo Davanzati a rare example of a modern building for that period.

2- A rare collection of laces of the Florentine tradition

All the rooms are furnished with authentic tuscan furniture. The decorations of the walls will stun you. The rich and bright frescoes of the Peacock room, the “Impannate” room and the room of Chatelein of Vergy are unique.  Among the valuable works of art such as: “The Virgin and child” of Filippo Brunelleschi, “The Virgin of mercy” from the artisan workshop of the Della Robbia. You can find a surprising collection of laces and embroidery. These were the main female activities of that period. There are also: baptism clothes, precious dresses, baby bonnets and elegant pillows.

3-Also advised for children

To walk into Palazzo Davanzati is like going back in time, into the world of 14th century Florence. You can find medieval merchant traditions, recipes of Florentine cooking and engaging love stories. The kitchen on the 3rd floor is a must. Pots and pans,chockery. Items that are currently used now days such as: citrus squeezer, kneader flower sifter, corkscrew, a copper cauldron and a churner. On the walls written in the old dialect, graffiti of recipes, proverbs,verses, notes of every day home life.

Palazzo Davanzati



Cover Photo: Mattia Donati